Friday, December 10, 2010

fumiko koga (japan)

This must be my week for paper-cut art cards! I received this striking "kiri-e" from a new etegami friend in southern Japan. The image is based on the head of a demon/ogre as depicted in a traditional festival float.


  1. hello, thank you very much, you're lovely!

    such an interesting blog you've got here, my daddy gave me an old book "Interviewing Japan" by Adrienne Moore, i havent read it yet but it seems great :))

    wishing you a nice weekend in Japan!


  2. I really like this image. Impressive!

  3. Heh and wow, what a strong vibrant design, great site you have here...

    the world is an amazing place eh?

  4. What a great piece! Is this from Ooba Reiji?


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