Sunday, February 27, 2011

carole marshall (australia)

Carole sent me this wonderful magpie etegami with a quote from a popular Australian poet. The magpie looks so alive; so mischievous!

Friday, February 25, 2011

hatsue chiba (japan)

A camellia blossom. The black strokes of this image were carved into a ceramic board and printed onto paper using a mixture of sumi and glue for ink. The words say "Waiting for Spring."

shungo asada (japan)

If I am not mistaken, Shungo's etegami shows fukinotou, or butterbur shoot, which is a harbinger of spring. The symbols carved in the big red stamp on the left are a play on words that can be understood as either "Hurry up and come, Spring" or "Pining with Love for Spring."

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

fumiko koga (japan)

This paper-cut art from Fumiko, depicting a yellow tulip, is cut from stiff light green paper, and is backed by transparent sheets of blue, dark green, and yellow. The words say "Spring is coming!"

nikki soppelsa (usa)

This photo card of a work titled "Catch of the Day" came from Nikki in acknowledgment of my submission to her For The Love Of Cats Mail Art Call.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

mary cartledge (usa)

This lovely fabric collage card celebrating the year 2011 comes from Mary (also known as Boo), and it fits my Rabbit mail art call perfectly! On the back it says "may the flames of love and art- and rabbits- burn brightly for you this year."

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

eunice low (malaysia)

Welcome Eunice to the mailart gallery!! This rabbit collage in celebration of the year of the rabbit fits my rabbit mailart call just perfectly.

frips (belgium)

Another distinctive rabbit submission from Frips. This time she says she used a computer program called Harmony. No matter what tools she uses, whether it's a sketch or a lino-cut or whatever, you can tell Frip's style at first glance. I think that's cool.

shungo asada (japan)

One of Shungo's hobbies is to sketch the faces he sees when he rides the local trains. He gives himself about 1 minute for each sketch.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

mike szwarc (usa)

Yippee! Another card for my "Rabbit" call. The Chinese characters refer to the Year of the Hare/Rabbit. The paper-cut of the rabbit is simply awesome! Mike says he borrowed the design from the new lunar year stamp just released on Jan 22.

hatsue chiba (japan)

This painted lino-cut depicts one of the paper dolls called "Ane-sama ningyo," which have been painstakingly crafted from colorful Japanese paper for hundreds of years in certain regions of Japan. It's my first card from Hatsue, and the words say "I'm happy to meet you on this Etegami day."

fumiko koga (japan)

A turnip collage made from bunches and bunches of tiny paper flower shapes, like the flower stickers my kindergarten teacher used to glue into my attendance notebook. The words say "Come, come Spring. Come, Good Fortune."

david berube (usa)

Woooo! A much-awaited lino-cut print from the maker of the fabulous Berube Bug series I posted here last year. We've missed you, David!

shungo asada (japan)

A print (lino-cut?) on a thick, fibrous card that Shungo made himself.

yun (france)

In response to my "Rabbit" call! Bunny etegami with a bunny stamp. Double bunny!