Monday, April 18, 2011

kim jungyoun (korea)

Another work that bursts with spring. The beautiful butterfly, made in Kim's distinctive tape-collage style, came tucked in the accompanying card pocket.

yun (france)

Apparently spring is in full swing in Nice, France. The spider hanging from its web is in the shape of the character for Spring! We still have snow on the ground here in northernmost Japan, but not for long. : )

etsuko saito (japan)

A watercolor of Mt.Fuji at dawn, as seen from Etsuko's window. The moon is still out at 5 a.m.

shungo asada (japan)

Another one of Shungo's 1-minute sketches of a face in the crowd. I think this one was done in a coffee shop.

lesley magwood fraser (south africa)

"Poised" woman striking a "pose." There's even a rabbit! ;p

valentine mark herman (france)

Bits of history and bits of food-related pictures.

guido vermeulen (belgium)

Altered postcard: "Fish Freedom Not For Tomorrow." Painted Envelope: "Conversations between 2 gods on their favorite lunch food." And a call for submissions to the 12th FRIOUR project: The Book of Ann.

katerina nikoltsou (greece)

Rabbits for my Rabbit Mailart call!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

stephanie gagnepain (usa)

This card is extra special to me, because it's from my sister who was born and raised in Japan like me, but no longer lives here. It's full of symbolism that combines horror, whimsy, and hope. She explains this in an attached note: "The earthquake is represented in the torn edge of paper. The tsunami is the wave in the cup. The nuclear troubles are represented by the fish. Whimsy is the colorful polka dots. Hope is represented by the Rising Sun and the green leaves on the cup."

shungo asada (japan)

Simply awesome representation of a cherry (sakura) tree in full bloom! The ideograph (kanji) is the character for "sakura."

carole marshall (australia)

Carole writes "I made this origami from tea bag covers while in hospital watching helplessly as events unfolded in Japan." Thank you Carole, for the beautiful artwork and for the heartfelt sentiment.
(Note: the card used for this piece of mailart was handmade by Shungo Asada, who has been contributing regularly to this gallery, and who features in the next post.)

angie and snooky (usa)

I burst out laughing when I saw this card cut from a box of Cheddar Bunnies, a product that is completely unfamiliar to me. It's PERFECT for my rabbit mailart call. : )