Tuesday, April 5, 2011

carole marshall (australia)

Carole writes "I made this origami from tea bag covers while in hospital watching helplessly as events unfolded in Japan." Thank you Carole, for the beautiful artwork and for the heartfelt sentiment.
(Note: the card used for this piece of mailart was handmade by Shungo Asada, who has been contributing regularly to this gallery, and who features in the next post.)

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  1. Funny story about Shungo's handmade cards, he sent me some blank ones in an envelope, no problem but when he sent me one without and envelope it was seized by the quarantine service because it was 'untreated'. They offered to treat it for $45. but as I explained to Shungo that was a bit steep and he agreed! so it was destroyed, luckily he still sends me cards but NOT on his handmade ones. I am in the process of mailing most of the blank ones he sent me back to Japan as artworks in envelopes!.we have a very vigilant quarantine service because we do not have many of the pests found in food crops in other parts of the world.
    Thanks for posting my card.


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