Friday, July 29, 2011

julie kesteman (belgium)

The bumps and irregular shapes I can feel through Julie's envelopes always make it exciting to open them. Besides what is shown here, there were some thicker objects, including a hand-crafted pendant, that I couldn't scan. But be assured, Julie, I was delighted with everything! : )

karin greenwood (south africa)

Portrait of a queen, or princess, perhaps? The style is distinctively Karin's. On the other side it says: "As unreal as a dream." Thanks, Karin!

shungo asada (japan)

Shungo's specialty is these one-minute sketches of people he sees on the train or in coffee shops. To this portrait, he added the explanation: "This man seems to be in the apparel business," but he doesn't say what tipped him off. Hmmm

fumiko koga (japan)

I love Fumiko's gorgeous cut-paper art cards. The words on this one say: "The drops (of sunlight) that fall between the tree branches make my heart feel washed clean and give me strength for tomorrow."

kim jungyoun (korea)

Another delicate art card using colored masking tape from Kim. This one is personalized, just for me! Thanks, Kim!

edward varney (canada)

Edward sent me documentation from the Mail Art Olympix exhibit of mailart, which he organized and curated. I submitted something, but I can't quite remember what it was. :p

lothar trott (switzerland)

Lots of rabbits in this collage done on thick, brown wrapping paper (or possibly a brown paper bag?). Titled "Hase." :D

chantal casamayor de planta (france)

Here's a friendly, domesticated-looking bunny painted on a stiff board for my mailart call. Thank you, Chantal!

guido vermeulen (belgium)

More rabbits for my rabbit mailart call, hidden within Guido's distinctive envelope art. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

carole marshall (australia)

Coool. Another etegami from Carole's series of Australian wildlife. I just love this series!

fumiko koga (japan)

An etegami on a coarse hand-made washi card from Fumiko which says "What is the color red? It's the color of your thoughtfulness." Lovely!

valentine mark herman (france)

This flower-covered card refreshed and brightened me on a cloudy, humid summer day! Thanks, Valentine. : )

marni zainodin (malaysia)

Yaay! It's been a long time since I received a card from Marni, and this one is a contribution to my rabbit mail art call! Thanks, Marnie!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

guido vermeulen (belgium)

This illustrated envelope is just hopping with hidden bunnies for my rabbit mailart call. Thanks, Guido!

karin greenwood (south africa)

Title: "As Free as thought." Beautiful illo and sentiment, Karin!

carole marshall (australia)

This wee creature is called a Bilby, says Carole. It wants to sneak into my rabbit mailart call, and since Carole will serve as a character reference, I've decided to let it count as a rabbit. :p

lesley magwood fraser (south africa)

Profile of a man's deeply chiseled face on one side, and a landscape sketch on the other. Thanks for the earthquake prayers, Lesley!

yun (france)

Yun says she was inspired by the famous Hokusai print. Notice the seagulls flying (surfing, Yun says) over and under the crest of the wave.

linda ward (usa)

A rabbit call submission from Linda Ward of IUOMA! Great to have you join us, Linda. : )

fumiko koga (japan)

The character for "Coolness" or "Cooling off in the Heat," painted on hand-made, hand-dyed paper. Apparently the labor was so strenuous that Fumiko actually threw out her back for a while. I do hope you're all better, Fumiko!