Wednesday, December 29, 2010

rachel freeman (usa)

A trio of cards with shimmering gold and silver images from Rachel.

frips (belgium)

Prints on both the envelope and the folded card inside, with a lovely holiday greeting from Frips.

megan henson (usa)

This collage has a peaceful quality about it... I hope 2011 is a peaceful year for you, Megan!

ruediger bergmann (germany)

My first mailart from Ruediger. :D

mike szwarc (usa)

A thoughtful persimmon etegami from Mike. The dragonfly stamp is cool too, and I may have to make one just like it for myself.

Monday, December 20, 2010

fumiko koga (japan)

This happy collage snowman from Fumiko comes with the words "Snow, snow, fluffy snow." It's nice to see someone excited about snow. In Hokkaido, we're already sick of the snow and the cold. But this card cheers me up a little.

kim jungyoun (korea)

I love the colorful strips that decorate this card cut into a Christmas tree shape. The strips are decorative masking tape.

mary cartledge (usa)

If you don't know this already, Mary (also known as Boo) makes these utterly cool cards from fabric. This one was done in a sort of lattice-weave, from fir-tree patterned fabric in cheerful Christmas colors.

valentine mark herman (france)

Cool cat mailart I received from Valentine Mark in reply to a cat card I sent him.

dr. brignone (italy)

A lovely lino cut from Dr Brignone, who thoughtfully printed it on the back of a picture of a pile of fish(?) for my food-themed mailart call.

andy geezer (uk)

This is Andy's drawing of a comic character called Usagi Yojimbo. The comic's creator and its fans are based in the US, apparently, so I'd never heard of it until I googled it today. Mailart can be very educational. :p

Friday, December 10, 2010

fumiko koga (japan)

This must be my week for paper-cut art cards! I received this striking "kiri-e" from a new etegami friend in southern Japan. The image is based on the head of a demon/ogre as depicted in a traditional festival float.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

bifidus jones (usa)

I love the subtle colors of this mailart collage.

guido vermeulen (belgium)

The art on the envelope is titled "I'm afraid of a Japanese fishing tanker," and the photo shows a piece of work titled "Do you like Turtle Soup?" As always, Guido's art is full of humor.

kiera pannell (canada)

Kiera sent me a paper cut art from a photograph, an illustrated envelope, and an invitation to a mailart call on the theme of culture and language. Kiera, I'll try to send something for your call!