Thursday, June 30, 2011

mayumi miyagawa (japan)

Hyottoko is a funny-faced male character that features in comical Japanese folk dances, and the hyottoko mask depicted here can often be found at souvenir stalls at summer festivals. This is a very summer-ish etegami from Mayumi.

johnny chau (usa)

Johnny says he found me through the Sketchbook Project 2012 Website. His hobby, as evidenced in this fascinating card, is letterboxing (Letterboxing is an outdoor hobby that combines elements of orienteering, art, and puzzle solving---Wikipedia), which Johnny says encourages the making of rubber stamps. This is all very new to me, so I'll have to learn more about it.

fumiko koga (japan)

The model for this cut paper art card by Fumiko is her beloved dog Tororo. The words say: "Do you sing even in your sleep?"

shungo asada (japan)

I told Shungo I was partial to profiles of craggy faces, so he picked this one for me. : )

amy irwin (usa)

Another awesome contribution to my rabbit mailart call from Amy. Love it! :D

valentine mark herman (france)

Thank you, Valentine!

luis filipe gomes (portugal)

A lovely decorated enveloped full of artwork. Thank you, Luis!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

amy irwin (usa)

I mistakenly opened it before realizing the fascinating envelope itself was Amy's contribution to my rabbit mailart call. Titled "b.o'hare," it tells a story with a minimum of words and clever collaged images. It took me a while to recognize the rabbit shape where my postal address is. The number 911 at the bottom right edge cracked me up!

julie kesteman (belgium)

This charming envelope decorated with bunnies and carrots for my rabbit mailart call was filled with pretty stickers, a tea bag, and a perfume sample. : ) See Julie (Pucelilina)'s blog The little world of Pucelilina.

boo cartledge (usa)

I was so thrilled to receive this generous batch of creative textured-vinyl and fabric-covered postcards with stitching and other ornamentation from Boo (Mary). See more of her distinctive work at Its Only a Book.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

shungo asada (japan)

Goregeous etegami done on an extra long washi card. It depicts pretty white flowers called dokudami (Houttuynia cordata).

kim jungyoun (korea)

Another of Kim's distinctive collages made with colored masking tape! Thank you, Kim!

guido vermeulen (belgium)

A decorated envelope for my rabbit mailart call from Guido with the title "In the Rabbit Hole." Inside the envelope was information on other recommended mailart calls and a photograph of roses from his garden. Beautiful!

kiera pannell (canada)

Kiera sent me documentation of the Language and Culture Mail Art Show that is taking place in Montreal until the end of August. The photo above shows the goodies she sent me along with the documentation-- one of her trademark face sketches, and an ATC of a thumbprint. Cool.

lothar trott (switzerland)

The item in the top photo folds up into a charming little 8-page booklet titled "Zoology of POKU." The second photo shows the decorated envelope and one side of another folded card that has a total of four images of a rabbit for my rabbit mailart call. : )

roland halbritter (germany)

A postcard and documentation from the Otto von Bismark mail art call exhibited at the Museum Bismark in Bad Kissingen. The documentation is a lovely, high-quality catalog of mailart received and displayed during the exhibition. Thanks, Roland!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

fumiko koga (japan)

I LOVE this print-collage of a pair of mutsugoro (blue spotted mud skipper) for which the Ariake Sea in Kyushu is known. Fumiko, who is from Kyushu, must be quite familiar with these comical, and apparently delicious, creatures.

shungo asada (japan)

The words on the card say "He was absorbed in reading as he drank his coffee." It's another cool one-minute sketch from Shungo's faces-in-the-crowd series.

tallie jones (usa)

A rabbit card for my collection from Tallie!

karin greenwood (south africa)

A beautifully decorated envelope, and a card titled "View from the Inside," which has a joyful message on the other side.

krisztina kmetyko (hungary)

Krisztina's mailart shows a loaf of bread with a message of hope. The ribbon across the top has the colors of the Hungarian flag (yes, I had to look it up), and notice the flag of Japan in the bottom corner. Bright, cheerful, and brimming with "hope."

june armstrong (scotland)

A Scottish bunny for my collection, tartan umbrella and all. It came with a lovely note of concern for the people of Japan. Thank you, June. : )

helen amyes (australia)

This piece of mailart, titled "Asemic Rabbit," had me running to Google to find out what this asemic business is all about. I had seen the word on the IUOMA website, but never really paid attention till now. Hooray, another one for my rabbit collection!

tallie jones (usa)

Tallie's doing a mailart call on the topic of "lessons." Here's one she sent me on that fascinating theme. :D

fumiko koga (japan)

Another fabulous paper-cut postcard from Fumiko. This one has a stylized version of the kanji for "faith." I believe she is thinking of the difficulties that lie ahead, as Japan tries to rebuild from the aftermath of the earthquake and related disasters.