Wednesday, March 30, 2011

katerina nikoltsou (greece)

From Katerina: a bright blue card pasted with hand-torn strips of (washi?) paper painted in soothing shades of blue and purple. Mmmmm, I love it.

pamella jo (usa)

This digital collage titled "Happy Place" came with this message: "I thought you could use some sunshine, so I made you a happy place." Thanks, PJ!!

torma cauli (hungary)

Lovely Japan-themed collage from Torma! Thank you so much. : )

Friday, March 25, 2011

jennifer kennedy (usa)

My very first mailart from Jennifer K is this piece for my rabbit mailart call. The rabbit is made with origami paper and fastened to a card using embroidery thread and blanket-stitching. The Japanese character for "rabbit" is formed with embroidery thread, using back-stitching. She says her name seal was made for her by her calligraphy teacher. Yay!

rachel freeman (usa)

Hurray! A collage and bookmark for my rabbit call done in Rachel's distinctive style. Plus a lovely note of concern for my safety during the recent events in Japan. :D

dr. brignone (italy)

Wooo, food on one side ( a flashback to my 2010 food-themed mailart call?), and a lino-print of a beautiful woman on the other-- a Dr.Brignone's specialty. And he does it so well. :p

shungo asada (japan)

Another of Shungo's sketches that he does of passengers riding the trains of Tokyo. He gives himself one minute for each sketch. Thank you, Shungo (also known as "Senior")!

Monday, March 21, 2011

kim jungyoun (korea)

This rabbit is done in Kim's characteristically meticulous tape-collage method (I'd LOVE to see her at work!). Another wonderful contribution to my Rabbit Mailart call.

dr. brignone (italy)

Thank you, Dr.Brignone. Ever since I saw this on your blog, I've been looking forward to receiving it!!

anonymous (usa)

A boldly drawn rabbit on one side, and a humorous excerpt from a rabbit-related interview on the other side. It must be meant for my rabbit mailart call, but there is no name or address of the sender. Please tell me who you are, so I can send you mailart in return!

"e" (france)

This strikingly illustrated envelope from "E" seems to represent hope of new life pushing through the cracks of destruction. Wonderful!

gabby cooksey (usa)

I love it, Gabby! Thanks so much for the encouragement.

elizabeth zois (usa)

Thank you for the encouragement, Elizabeth!

mim (usa)

Thank you, mim, for your thoughtful concern.

valentine mark herman (france)

Valentine started a "Solidarity with Japan" group on IUOMA and has been rallying mailartists to to encourage IUOMA members in Japan during our time of crisis. Today the mailman delivered a lovely pile of mailart, and I was truly encouraged. Thank you so much!

Friday, March 18, 2011

carole marshall (australia)

I've never seen frangipani in real life, and I find these to be very exotic. On the back, Carole writes: "It is Autumn here, but I am thinking of the cherry blossoms." The back of the envelope has a cool rabbit rubber-stamped on it, but I forgot to scan it. :p

elizabeth parsons (usa)

For my rabbit mailart call-- a print of Elizabeth's mixed-media painting. The distressed paper has a very cool vintage feel.

kiera pannell (canada)

A postcard embellished with cut paper art. Great idea!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

yun (france)

From sunny Nice, Yun sent me these four "etegami" images of pieces she submitted to the 127th Carnival of Nice. She says the theme for this year's carnival, which ended on March 8 (Mardi Gras), was "King of the Mediterranean." Fabulous colors, Yun! Thank you for sharing the images and the interesting information about the carnival.

katerina nikoltsou (greece)

Katerina sent me some rabbit mailart done in a technique I've never heard of before: Sandpaper Collage with Tape Transfer! She calls it SandPo (Sand Poetry). It is both visually and tactile-y intriguing.

stan askew (usa)

"Distressed Bunny" collage for my mailart call. It comes with sepia photos of some vintage ladies and a bonus picture of Bugs Bunny. lol

art tower (germany)

A rabbit collage with a slightly oriental feel for my rabbit mail art call! Thank you, Art. : )

guido vermeulen (belgium)

Guido sent me another one of his trademark painted envelopes with a photo of a fish mural, a poem, and an invitation to participate in his new project "The Book of Ann."

Sunday, March 6, 2011

lesley magwood fraser (south africa)

A fascinating print of a "RABBISH, " which Lesley says is a mythological Rabbit-Fish. What did you use for ink, Lesley? It reminds me of the etegami that I've done using coffee as a substitute for sumi ink. Lesley's website is here

bifidus jones (usa)

Bifidus sent a rabbit collage for my mailart call. Yay!

susanne muller-baji (germany)

Little plastic forks form this rabbit's ears. The card says "Bunny says: Watch out what you eat!"