Wednesday, January 26, 2011

fumiko koga (japan)

Daffodils. Another awesome paper cut card from Fumiko.

marie wintzer (japan)

Front and back of a charming bookmark that I put to use as soon as it arrived, because if there's anything I enjoy more than mailart, it's books. : )

Monday, January 24, 2011

frips (belgium)

This Rabbit New Year's card in Frips' distinctive style fits right into my new mailart call on the theme of Rabbits! Thanks, Frips!

lin collette (usa)

A hand-colored envelope and a mini-art collage with a vintage feel. Nice.

aska (australia)

Aska is hoping to draw lots of people into her mailart project, which she says will be exhibited in Australia. If you want to participate, send your snail mail address to her email address:

kim jungyoun (korea)

Another leaf collage from Kim made from strips of colorful tape. I love the colors and the texture!

Friday, January 14, 2011

shungo asada (japan)

Etegami of an autumn leaf with a quote from the song "Premonition of Love" sung by the Japanese rock band Anzen Chitai: "The winds blow as they will-- every which way. They will only deceive you." See more of Shungo's art on his blog where he is known as "Senior."

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

kathy de wit (belgium)

New Year greetings with a great big heart. Cat with reindeer horns? The subtle colors are awesome.

inga uus (lithuania)

Handmade Christmas card made by the father of a Postcrossing friend. It folds over itself and the cut out parts to make a criss-crossed tree. The silver snowflake on top of the tree is beautiful!!

katerina nikoltsou (greece)

Bunny collage with a real cotton ball for a tail from Katerina. I think I will consider this card the very first submission to my new Rabbit-themed mailart call! :D