Sunday, November 6, 2011

fumiko koga (japan)


  1. aloha Dosanko Debbie I've recently discovered your blogs through another blogging friend - Fergimoto. having been part of mail art for some time now, I appreciate your post cards immensely.

    I did not know the term Etegami. you are my introduction to it. I suspect I will begin to explore it (in my own way of course) as I have been wanting to get back into postcards with real brush (et. al.). this is likely to happen with digital technology as well...

    hopefully and if you would not mind I'd like to reference your blog(s) at some point on my blog (which is mostly Wordpress now) if that is okay with you.

    your work is outstanding - and way fun to explore. cool on that. aloha - rick (Wrick)

  2. @Wrick, thanks for your great comment. Reference my blogs as much as you like!


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