Thursday, February 4, 2010


My first Valentine's Card this year. Obviously someone was paying attention when I sneaked in the half-in-jest request on my etegami blog. The tiger orchid is lovely, but what does it say for my character that my eyes keep going to the side of the card with the raspberry dessert? The address label on the lower edge of the card popped right off when I tried to see if there was any more of the dessert pictured underneath it. oops.


  1. It's a three-in-one card! The orchid to represent the year of the tiger, the heart for the Valentine day (they fall in the same date this year), and the dessert for the recipe etegami. Sorry to disappoint you for another piece of cake? You've given me an idea for the next etegami. Enjoy the dessert (virtually), I've had it last christmas!

  2. But of course! Tiger Orchid for the Year of the Tiger. What a clever idea! I love it. :D


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