Monday, November 30, 2009

boo cartledge

Another fabric collage from Boo's book deconstruction project. It amazes me how it came through the post with very little, if any, damage. Lovely, vibrant colors!


  1. It doesn't always work perfectly; sometimes they self-destruct en route and sometimes never make it at all. You have a laminator, yes? I'd like to get one but hate to use it with fabric pieces because you lose the touch aspect, which is the point of my using textiles...

  2. Yes, my etegami are done on soft washi cards that often don't make it intact to overseas destinations. Spraying the cards compromises the soft feel of the paper anyway, and I've found that laminating is the most reliable protection for them. Fortunately, postage to overseas addresses isn't affected by the lamination. The slight increase in thickness and border dimension does increase domestic postage, but fortunately the Japan Postal Service knows how to handle etegami, and has never damaged one of my cards.


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